Sunday, May 1, 2011


Finally, we have got relief from Endosulfan – the deadly pesticide. But it is highly shameful for every Indian that the Govt. of India was actually succumbing to the International pressure and it never wanted its ban. The Govt. was actually playing in favour of Endosulfan; no for the powerful pesticide companies. Pity that it was the international community, not the India Govt., that stood with the sufferings of Endosulfan victims.

It reveals how dirtily Indian politicians are colluded with ‘business falcons’ and how vulgarly these politicians are gyrating their hips with the tune of the flute of these business tycoons. It is embarrassing to see that even after the scientific studies under the Govt. organisations, the Govt. (or at least the Minister) is not ready to accept a ban of Endosulfan. They need more studies each of which would take 4 – 5 years. To control such political or Govt. threats to a nation, people must have more say on the running Govt. People should be able to call back a minister if he is found corrupted or against national interest. JAI HIND.

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