Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do we really care our children?

It is highly disturbing to see the social menace posed by T.V.s in our society.I talking from kerala, a small state in India. It is a grave disappointment for a state boasting 100% literacy, that all families are swarming around T.V. sets by twilight to immerse in soap operas and so called reality shows. The result is the poor communication between the members of the family and sharing of their day to day affairs. Thus physically they are too close to each other, but in distant worlds, mentally and emotionally!!
When we think about its impacts on children, we can see that they are emotionally growing into a new world, where the space for their parents and other family members is very thin. Thy find new faces to share their feelings and emotions or atleast they are in search of someone with whom they can share everything. Later they will try to balance this emotional detachment by open hugging, kissing or patting.
The root-cause of the new age adoloscent problems can be traced to the carelessness of parents or their unusual restlessness for entertainment programmes. Most of the parents think that providing physical facilities for their wards is their prime duty and the healthy use of these is the responsibility of their children. Parents fail to realise the emotional unbalance of teenage and are blindly over confident about their children.The result is, in closed rooms, the children are sharing their affairs and venting out emotions to persons over mobile phone or internet.
If we want our children to keep away from these troubles,find some time to listen to them and be a part of their emotions. Also don't blindly believe them as they are prone to fall into such fantacies in this changed world.So keep watching them, to protect them.

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