Monday, July 20, 2009


Adaptation is a basic quality that one must have for a healthy living in this fast changing world. It is something that you can nurture and master yourself for a better living. Every time a child struggles with his new circumstances means he is lacking this quality.
Life is a one time movie with no rewinding option.No one knows its screen play as well. One has to jump from one frame to next regularly and continuously. In this process one may face problems, just because of the lack of proper adaptation to new circumstances or he failed to envisage his new roles in the new circumstances.

What can be done?
The foremost thing that you have to employ is studying your surroundings.Just look around to know that how things are going on and how you are expected to act in this new circumstances. Try to understand the do's and dont's and act accordingly. Strictly follow the rules and regulations of the new set up and support it both in your words and deeds. Try to harness these skills to perpetuate yourself to success. As all of know, He who adjust best lives the longest.

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