Friday, September 11, 2009


Today i will tell you a story.This is a story of a 10 year old boy, MARK. Unlike his classmates, he was a very active and a bit naughty in the class. His class teacher, Gloria used to scold him for not being quiet in the class. He became calm for a while after every ‘course’ of scolding. Eventually it became a regular scene in the class.
One fine day Gloria was too embarrassed by MARK and she put a surgical plaster across his mouth to keep him quiet. MARK was moved by this act and he turned to be very calm on that particular day. But you know it is MARK, who can’t hide his inner instincts for long and he was on full swing the very next day itself!
It was towards the end of their academic year the students got an assignment from Gloria. The task was simple; they had to write the most respectable qualities of their best friend. After collecting those assignments Gloria listed out the qualities of each student from the viewpoint of their peers. She distributed those to each student on the last day of their class.
Years passed. Gloria was working in a different school at a different place. One day she got a call. It was the father of her old disciple MARK at the other end. He requested her to come over to their home at the earliest. Sensing the emergency, she set off at once.
When she reached his home, she saw the swarming people from different walks of life, who were all sad and bleak. One of them told her the sudden sad demise of MARK who is an air force pilot now. MARK’s father came forward and handed over a piece of paper which was almost degraded after years of handling. He was keeping this paper with him ever since he passed out from your class, father told. Gloria unfolded the paper with due care and respect. Immediately she realized her hand writing and it was the list of his qualities as envisaged by his classmates, that she wrote twenty years ago.


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