Tuesday, August 23, 2011


     I really wonder about Anna Hazare. It is not that he is keeping our government on the toe-tip, but the way he has emerged as an icon or "voice of India". It is agreeable that India is under the cripple of corruption. But it should not be solved by destabilising Indian democracy.
     The Jan Lokpal bill that Anna wants to place in the Parliament demands a panel of people from different walks whom can police anyone from peon to Prime Minister of India. Even the judiciary come under the purview of the bill. Anyone can imagine the volume of threat hiding in it. If such a panel goes out of track, it will nothing but ruin our country and we will see our Prime Minister and Chief Justice behind the bars. On the other hand, Lokpal bill advocate for an independent administration (just like C.A.G.) that will have powers of investigation, surveillance and prosecution. Clearly Lokpal is the right choice, not Jan Lokpal which is voicing for centralisation of power in this time of decentralisation.

     Interestingly, just before "Anna Episode" started, we were hearing news of scams running into thousands of crore rupees. Baba ramdev appeared for a while, talking against corruption all the media attention shifted to him. Later only we knew that he had no moral right to talk about corruption as he had amassed wealth in and out of India under the under the disguise of Yoga training.
     As in the case of Baba Ramdev, Anna also gets generous donations to run his campaign. The donors include Coca-Cola, Lehman Brothers, real estate companies and other multi national firms. KABIR, run by Arvind kejariwal and Manish Sisodia, key figures in Team Anna, has received approximately Rs.20 lakh from Ford Foundation in the last three years. So only time will show with whose tune, Anna is dancng. One may remember that former American diplomat McCain recently told U.S. had no role in the campaign of Anna Hazare. But for the ast few decades, U.S. is policing this world by threating and destabilising other countries.
      Anna's moral credibility is also on the anvil as he once supported Raj Thackeray's Maratha movement and is a great admirer of Narendra Modi. Nothing is heard about his Gandhian activities on Nandigram,Singur,Narmada hydel project or poor farmers' agitation against land take over for S.E.Z.
     The role played by the visual media to raise Anna to present stature is immense. This happened at a time when we were hearing the raining news  about the politician-channel corporate nexus in deciding India's critical Ministerial posts. Now those 24x7 channels are live tel;ecasting from Ramleela ground through out the day and night there are no other news in the country worth reporting. What a pity!!
     We, all Indians must stand united to protect our constitutional frame ork and demote any movement that will destabilise our country. Yes, Inidia is too democratic!!!

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